Atlantis, the Lost Continent


Adventure / Sci-Fi


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Paul Frees as Narrator / multiple voices
William Smith as Captain of the Guard
Edward Platt as Azor the High Priest
John Hart as Nobleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rovin 6 / 10

Overlooked, hard to find and not too bad.

This film held up alot better than I remembered it. Sure, the acting isn't great, some of the dialogue is flat, the costumes and hats are ridiculous, but this film is enjoyable, especially if you gravitate towards exotic adventure stories with a greco-roman flavour. There's even a gladiator fight! Though it seems dated and cheap by today's standards, it had some nice set design and miniature work.

This would be a great contender for a remake, as long as they don't leave out my favourite elements: the monsters! Those scenes are still disturbing!

Reviewed by John Browning ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Atlantis the Lost Continent

Yes, yes. Actually, I encountered this movie first as a "comic book based on the movie" when I was 11 years old (in 1961). That comic book really made an impression on me! (Money well-spent from my paper route). Anyway, the part I like best is where the Atlanteans are making men into beasts by grafting snouts and horns onto them. Impressive! I can't work out whether its "Island of Dr Moreau meets Ulysses" or "Pinochhio meets Jason and the Argonauts". However, all of that doesn't really matter. Let's just say they don't make em like this no more. Stiff, Biblical-epic-style acting abounds.

Three cheers for George Pal!

Reviewed by Steve-Reeves 10 / 10

"Hurry, hurry. Crystal be damned!!"

One of the best movies of all time!!!

This movie has every element you could ever want in a film: a sense of wonder, epic scope, amazing settings, campy and tongue-in-cheek aspects, strong and caring relations between the characters, fantastic details, wonderful musical score, flawless effects, a very attractive leading man, a very sexy leading lady, and a quite flamboyant villain, played by John Dall, who has a striking chemistry with the leading man, Anthony Hall.

Ten out of ten is much, much too low to give this thrilling masterpiece.

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